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Tara ships models products :

  • Tara ships models are authentic designs made from scratch and can be commissioned to museum quality.  We specialize in Chinese sailing junks & sampans   

  • Expertise in designing & building traditional wooden Chinese sailing junks 


Tara marine products & services :

  • Designing, building, operating & maintaining aluminium commercial & pleasure vessels up to 40 meters

  • Specializing in Flood, Fire & Rescue craft & waterjet propulsion

  • Expertise in designing & building traditional wooden Vietnamese & Chinese sailing junks

  • Boat packaging & watersports equipment (kayaks, sailing dinghys, etc.)

  • Sales & servicing of inboard & outboard marine engines & waterjet propulsion systems

  • Designing & building marine floating structures including wave attenuators, marinas, floating houses, etc.


Tara Co. Ltd.,is a privately owned Limited Liability Vietnamese Company with facilities in Hoi An & Hue, Central Vietnam.  Group Head Office is in Hong Kong.